We pride ourselves on being able to organise and operate offshore vessels for demanding and exacting projects.

Waterproof Media has provided vessels for a multitude of tasks for leading companies such as National Geographic, the BBC, Diverse Productions. In addition, we were proud to supply vessels for the London Olympics in 2012.

We own and operate three vessels - the offshore survey/support vessel Ocean Dawn which is ideally suited to research, survey and hydrographic duties, a 9m trailered catamaran and a 9m offshore RIB. We also offer small safety boats suitable for inland waterway and inshore operations.

In addition, Waterproof Media retains the services of it's previously owned vessels - a 12m day boat and 24m diving tender. We can also provide help locating and chartering suitable vessels owned by third parties should our own vessels not suit the specific requirements of your project.

Past projects have included shipping an entire dive operation from Plymouth to Greece using our 24m steel diving tender, we also supported a re-enactment of a Viking long boat crossing the North Sea by supplying a 34m steel support vessel and 8m fast RIB tender.

These two examples illustrate how we can tailor any vessel to your exact requirements. To discuss your charter requirements or to gain advice on your marine related project please contact Rich Stevenson.


Waterproof Media Brochure
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Ocean Dawn Specification
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Ocean Venture RIB Leaflet
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Ocean Venture RIB Spec
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