Rich Stevenson is responsible for the diver training at Waterproof Media and heads up an impressive team of motivated instructors.

Rich has been training divers and instructors since 1995 making him one of the most experienced UK-based instructors, and this experience and knowledge is fed through the team to ensure that you're getting the best training available, for both media presenters, safety crew and recreational divers alike.

Rich completed his own instructor training under the guidance and mentoring of some of the best in the business and has always believed in practising what he preaches - as such, he is still an active explorer and instructor. The team ethic at Waterproof Media is to train real world skills to gain complete competency in any underwater environment.

Training can take place at all times of the year and not just in the UK. We are one of the few companies that can offer wreck, cavern, cave and ice diver training. Our training is geared towards the environment application - if you need to dive under the ice or within caves then that's where your training will take place!
We are strong believers in 1:1 training at all levels so you maximise your time and control the learning pace, but this is of course the most costly. Most programs can be run on specific dates for 2-3 divers so if you'd prefer to train as a group or with friends please make a note of that in your enquiry so we can cater accordingly.

Waterproof Media offer every level of training from basic open water qualification for non-divers to the top level of CCR rebreather training, all in house and under one roof with a dedicated team of professional instructors.

Rich himself mainly teaches rebreather diving but also enjoys training divers the disciplines required to dive caves. A summary of the courses he personally teaches are listed below:

  • VMS Sentinel, Megalodon, Poseidon Mk6 Discovery, Inspiration / Evolution, JJ-CCR and KISS rebreathers to full trimix level
  • Cavern, Intro Cave and Full Cave Diver training on both OC and CCR
  • Instructor training at all levels

For year round Rebreather and Open Circuit training please contact us on and we will email you some options

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